The coworking service is directed toward freelancers, agents, and start-ups who choose a work station in a shared office as a base or starting point to carry out their business. This solution enables considerable savings, without giving up all the advantages offered by the furnished office service.

Furthermore, sharing space with other individuals and companies facilitates the creation of collaborations and synergies.
To ensure adequate privacy and a comfortable climate, the spaces dedicated to coworking can accommodate a maximum of 4 professionals.

The monthly coworking fee includes:

  • 24/7 access
  • assigned space in a shared office (max 4 people)
  • Made in Italy furniture according to individual needs
  • use of interview and meeting rooms 
  • use of conference rooms
  • large common areas: 2 lounge rooms, kitchen, services for the disabled
  • Wi-Fi and cable connection, 100 Mbps guaranteed
  • multifunction printer and scanner
  • secretary and reception service
  • assigned telephone number and fax
  • postal domiciliation and local branch
  • inside and outside nameplate
  • alarm system and video surveillance
  • ample reserved parking
  • cleaning
  • heating and air conditioning
  • utilities: water, electricity and gas
  • condominium expenses and rubbish collection tax
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the building

The advantages

What are the advantages of a coworking workstation?
You can focus exclusively on your work, without wasting time dealing with the different suppliers that you are normally forced to manage when you rent a traditional office.
Is the air conditioning broken? Are there problems with the printer? The internet is not working well? We solve every problem you might have in the office.

If your business needs change over time, we'll find the new solution that's right for you. You have all the advantages of secretarial support without having to bear the costs, already included in the fee. Improve your company's image by being part of a modern and functional 1,700 square meter structure.

Finally, in an era in which connectivity is ever more vital for your work, you can count on FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) with unlimited fibre optic based internet connection, both through Wi-Fi and cable (shared 100 Mbps guaranteed both download and upload).

Would you like to know the cost of a coworking workstation in Vicenza?

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